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Kinniku High: Chapter 6
"So, Chou and Tomoko are going to be in detention for two weeks? That's not too bad..."
Kenta and Hiroko were walking through the school halls to the rooftop to have lunch together, while Tomoko was busy with her team captain
"She says it is though, apparently the track team do lots of extra practice on evenings that aren't official club meetings."
"Oh! Yeah, I guess that'd be bad for her, huh..."
Kenta shook his head "It's what happens when you get into fights. She shouldn't have provoked Chou like that, even over me." Hiroko frowned, looking to her brother
"Chou? She's the girl who's been saying you don't belong here... Maybe I should have some "words" with her myself..." the girl said, raising her free hand and clenching her fist with a sound like creaking leather, bones popping in her arm as her bicep swelled menacingly "Nobody talks like that about my Nii-Chan..." Kenta gulped and raised his hand
"Hiroko, no. You can't just go beating people up." She sighed and relaxed, her arm de
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Hiroko By Fleurishot by Secret-Mountain-Base Hiroko By Fleurishot :iconsecret-mountain-base:Secret-Mountain-Base 6 4
Kinniku High: Chapter 5
"Oh wow girls, just look at that!"
"Mmmmhmm, it's quite a sight, no doubt."
"I could just eat him up, you know?"
It was the week after Kentas shopping trip with Manami, and it was time for the first gym class of the new school year for the second years. Which meant that the girls, dressed in their tight white shirts and booty hugging short shorts, got to see Kenta in his shirt and shorts too. The large space of the sports hall they were in meant that he wasn't crowded, giving them a big eyeful of him with no obstructions! The bright strip lights overhead illuminated his body clearly, leaving no detail covered or shadowed. For some of the girls, living on campus all the school year and shunned by boys when they were back home, seeing Kenta ready to get sweaty was just too much!
"Oh wow, look at his arms and legs, they are BUFF!"
"Yeah, and check out that tush, I can see why Manami grabbed it!"
"Mmmmph, you know, I might go over and do that, teachers be damned!"
"Yeah, but... I'm not sur
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Kinniku High: Chapter 4
The rest of the week passed by fairly uneventfully, Kenta and Hiroko went to their classes and had lunch together with Tomoko, all just an average high school existence. That weekend though they had decided to go out and see the shopping district of the town, with a guest in tow.
"Hiroko, are you ready?" Kenta said. he was dressed in jeans and a T shirt with a jacket over that, it was still cold enough in the early spring that he needed the extra layers.
"Yes Nii-Chan!" Hiroko bounced out in a knee length skirt and polished black Mary-Janes, with a pink cardigan over a blouse completing the ensemble. Of course, all the clothes were stretched over her musculature. Her hair had been tied back into a long ponytail. She was also wearing a backpack that almost reached to the floor, thick heavy fabric made up its construction. The straps were similarly reinforced, forming a thick X over her chest. She giggled "Oh, it's so nice of Tomoko to agree to show us around!"
"Actually... Tomoko isn't
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Kinniku High: Chapter 3
Kinniku High Chapter 3
The bell rang for the end of lunch, and everyone started to pack up their bentos. Tomoko sighed as she collapsed hers down for easy storage
“Ugh, now we have to do lessons… why can’t induction last all day, classes on the first day are too much…”
“Don’t worry Tomoko! I’m sure they’ll go easy on you!” Hiroko likewise folded down her bento box “Nii-San, I’ll see you after classes! See you too Tomo… can I call you that?” Tomoko laughed
“Sure thing, almost everyone does.” She adjusted her long ponytail “I’m sure I’ll see a lot of you.” Hiroko nodded
“Alright, friend get!” She pumped her first in the air with a laugh “OK then, back to class! Bah-bye!” She tensed her legs and jumped straight over the chain link fence, landing in the courtyard a few seconds later with a loud THUD. Tomoko sighed
“Is she always that energeti
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Dark Lord Chapter 1
Dark Lord Chapter 1
Rustdale was a small, peaceful mining village on the northern edge of the great Empire of Light. Bordering on a great and ancient forest, the town was mostly centred around the iron mine hacked into the valley nearby. It was too far out of the way, and without any other services to become a large settlement, but the iron was good quality and brought prosperity to the town. Prosperous, that is, until that fateful day when the paladin came to town.
The village elder, a kind faced, slim older woman by the name of Kess, walked out of her home to meet the carriage that had pulled up into the centre square. It was drawn by two horses, their eyes blinkered and sides covered in the blue and gold imperial livery. Men at arms flanked the doors of the outsized conveyance as they opened up and out she strode.
Classically, knights and paladins rode around on steeds, but as she came into view it was clear that there was no mere horse capable of bearing her. She was a human, clad
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Kinniku High: Chapter 2.5
Kinniku High Chapter 2.5
Hiroko followed the rest of her class from the welcome assembly to their homeroom, humming cheerily to herself as she bounced along. A school for girls like her! This was a dream come true! They reached their class, 1-1, and the mob of girls started to file in, sitting themselves down according to the seating plan on the door. Hiroko was in the back corner, next to the window. The girl slid her bag under her desk, set her blazer on the back of her chair, and turned to her neighbour
“Hey there, I’m Hiroko!” She extended a hand to the girl with a broad smile
“Akane…” the other girl smiled, her long red hair tied back into a tight ponytail with a single bang hanging down over her forehead. Her green eyes were soft and inviting. The redhead wore very little makeup, no eyeliner or lipstick at all, though she was still pretty cute even without that, with tight but shapely lips and an adorable little nose. She nervously reached out
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Kinniku High: Chapter 2
Kinniku High Chapter 2
Kenta sighed in relief as he made it to the doors of his classroom, 2-B. He looked up at his guardian with a smile "Thanks for bringing me here, Maki-Sensei."
The older woman smiled down at Kenta. She was tall, over six foot in fact, which was augmented by her shiny black heels. Tights and a pencil skirt hugged her legs and glutes, while a blouse clung to her bosoms, open underneath to show off her abs. A black jacket covered her arms, her bulging biceps and titanic delts showing through the fabric magnificently "No problem, Kenta." She said, stretching out, brushing a light brown lock of hair out of her face. "I have to go to the staff room nearby anyway. And I felt bad letting you go unaccompanied on your first day."
Kenta laughed nervously, but he knew why she'd done it. He was bound to be a controversial figure in the school, as the only male ever enrolled as a student, or as staff for that matter. In a harem anime, every girl in the school would be busting t
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Kinniku High: Chapter 1
Kinniku High
Soft golden sunlight filtered down through lush green treetops, motes of light floating around in the air. A boy, no more than seven, ran through the woods laughing, enjoying the huge trees and fresh mountain air. He tripped over a root and stumbled, falling flat onto the front of his face. Slowly the dark haired boy dragged himself up, rubbing his forehead and looking around. His eyes fell upon a shrine, old and overgrown. The Torii arch, characteristic of Shinto, was still intact, but overgrown with moss and vines. He looked up, eyes and mouth wide, as he walked through the arch and into the ruins of the shrine proper. It was large and had probably been a great site for worship in its time, but sadly now lost to the ages.
The boy slowly walked through, staring at all the overgrown buildings and objects, when he came across a donation box. He felt sorry for the place, so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a fifty yen coin. It clattered into the slots as he clapped
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"Woooo, party's here!"

It was Halloween weekend at Phi Mu Gamma sorority, and a chorus of cheers went up as Wanda, the sexy blonde, walked in through the front door in a very well made witch costume, complete with broom and pointy hat, and a cauldron full of potion bottles. She strutted up to the buffet table and put it down, with a note saying "Potion Cocktails! Take one, they're magically delicious!" The head of the sorority headed over in her sleek Sexy Princess costume

"Wow, Wanda! Nice party favors you brought... you make these yourself?" she asked, grabbing one of the bottles and popping the cork before chugging it. "mmmmm, tasty!"

Wanda nodded "yeah, all me baby! Leave some for the other guests though, they're just meant to be a bit of fun. If you want to get drunk go hit up the keg." The princess laughed and took Wanda around the shoulder, leading the witch over to the beer kegs covered in fake cobwebs and talking with her friend as more guests took one of the magic potions from the cauldron to drink.

The party kept on going, several guests sampling Wandas "Cocktails". Of course, there were no immediate strange effects... at least, until midnight struck.

Valerie and Frankie had gone as the brides of Dracula and Frankenstein respectively, and both had sampled one of the novelty potion cocktails. As the clock struck twelve, both girls shuddered suddenly as they stood by the snack table.

"Geeze, I just got the shivers something fierce." Valerie said, adjusting her slinky black dress and checking her fangs were still in place.

"Me too... is there a draft or something?" Frankie adjusted her tall fright wig "Whatever, this is still a great party! We both look awesome, having fun..."

"I'll say! Your makeup looks amazing, I'd say you really were stitched together if I didn't know better... are those latex or something?" Frankie blinked at her companion

"No, just drawn on..." She looked down, and frowned. Rather than the black lines she had drawn on with a make up pen, she now had... stitches, actual thread that looked like it was running through her green skin. Curious, the girl reached down and pulled at one of the threads.. and was surprised to find that it pulled away! "Holy... I can feel it moving through my skin!"

"Now you're just fooling." Valerie popped a buffet pastry in her mouth, and gagged before spitting it out "Argh... that thing stinks of garlic! I can... ugh, my mouth feels like it was melting!"

"The heck is going on, this is too weird..." Frankie looked down at her arm, and blinke "Ummm.. Val, not for nothing but... do I look buff to you?"

"What are you talking abo" Valerie looked at her friends arm, and her eyes went wide with shock "Damn girl... where did THAT come from?" She watched as Frankie experimentally flexed her arm, a bicep the size of a large orange swelling up "Holy crap... you definitely didn't have that earlier!" Val reached up to give it a squeeze, but gasped when she saw that her own arm was just as big! She gave it a flex as well, a vein popping up to the surface of her muscle

"What the heck is happening to us?" Valerie gasped, and spat out her fake fangs awkwardly, running her tongue over her canines... which had lengthened and sharpened up into real vampire fangs "We.. we're real monsters now?"

Frankie flexed a bicep, now the size of a hefty grapefruit, an arc of lightning playing over the muscle as she pumped "I guess so... Feels pretty good, right?" Valerie blushed, as a pair of black bat wings popped out of her back, making her gasped

"I mean, I guess so..." She said rubbing her own bicep self-consciously as Frankie showed off some more, drawing quite the crowd as she flexed and grew.

"Yeah, that's right boys, get an eyefull!" Frankie said, turning and spreading out her broad back. "All the undead muscle you freaks can handle!" There were astonished gasps from the crowd, and the Frankenstein girl turned around to show off her chest. Val just shrank away into a corner, not wanting to draw attention as she grew to similarly mammoth proportions. The crowd continued to admire Frankie as she posed her super muscular body for them. it wasn't long before she grabbed a couple of boys in each hand and strutted out of the door with them tucked under her massive arms. "You four should do... get ready for the ride of your life fellas!"

Valerie just sighed, slinking out of a back door. She wished she felt as confident as Frankie with her new body, it felt weird being so big and lumpy... As she stepped out and down the stairs on the back porch, she tripped on something. Only rather than tumbling over herself, she sent it flying. it was... a guy dressed in a cheap Dracula costume, who had been squatting down on the stairs checking his phone! "Oh no!" Val tensed her thick legs and leapt forwards, her wings snapping open as she WOOSHED through the air, catching the guy in her powerful pale arms and floating in midair with him

"H... Hey..." he said, blushing at her intensely

"Sorry, I didn't watch where I was going..."

"It's fine, my fault." he gulped "Cool costume."

"Thanks. Well... It's not a costume any more really." She flapped her wings for emphasis, still in the air "Do you want me to put you down?"

"If... if it's fine with you I'd rather stay here in your arms? It feels pretty nice..." Val bit her lip, her fangs peeking out. Normally she'd have been a bit put off by flirting like that, but with how strange she felt in her body, it felt good to have a guy pay her compliments for her new strength. She looked down at him, and leaned her head down, softly brushing her lips against his. He took her thick neck in his hands and kissed back, careful not to catch his tongue on her fangs.

"What's your name?"

"Valerie... come on, let's go somewhere in the warm and get freaky."

Of course, Valerie and Frankie weren't the only girls to taste those "Cocktails" at the party.

"Ooof..." Alice held her head "This outfit is feeling a little tight all of a sudden..." She tugged at her costume, a gorgeously tailored pink gown with matching tiny crown and white gloves. She'd had to sell her boyfriend on the idea of going as Peach and Mario... he'd wanted to do Tarzan and Jane.

"Oh no... did I get one of your measurements wrong?" Derek, the boyfriend of her best friend Claire, leaned in to examine the seams and folds of his handiwork. He was dressed as Link... the girls had come up with the idea of a video game double-date to the party. Derek wasn't exactly heroically built, but he was slim and cute, if you were into glasses. Claire, in her own Zelda dress, swooped up behind her boyfriend and put an arm around his waist.

"Perving on Alice? Geeze, didn't you get enough of that measuring her up for the dress?" She laughed, toying with her brunette wig. "Watch out, or Gary will get mad."

"Hey, come on Claire, you know how much time I spent on these costumes for us... Where does it feel tight Alice?"

"Seems to be gone now... Maybe I just bent weirdly or something." At that point Gary, dressed as Mario, strutted up and put his arm around Alices waist possessively. He was star player on the football team, bulky and tall with his muscles straining against his costumes, as he'd requested.

"Hey babe... is something wrong?" he said, squeezing Alice against his body with a grin.

"No... My costume just felt weirdly tight for a second..."

"Well if it's tight I'd love to help you get it off..." Alice laughed and slapped his shoulder lightly

"Gary, don't be a pig! It's gone now, I think I twisted myself oddly." She smiled, putting her own arm around Garys waist as Claire spoiled Derek with a full embrace, pressing her body close to his and kissing him deeply, running her fingers up under his hood and through his naturally blond hair. Alice smiled at Gary... and blinked. Normally she had to stand on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek, but now her lips were level with his face, and he wasn't even leaning down! Gary had noticed this too.

"Hey babe, you wearing platforms under that dress or something?"

"No... see, pink pumps?" She said, peeking out a foot from beneath the hem of the gown "I'm not partying all night in heels Gary, seriously..." She frowned "But you DO seem shorter than normal."

"Me shorter? Hah!" He laughed "Next you'll be saying you got taller... not that I'd mind if you did, makes it easier to do this!" he reached down and grabbed her butt, giving it a squeeze. She blushed, and he blinked "Umm... babe, you been working out lately?"

"No more than usual, why?"

"You... your butt is... well, it's SOLID!" Alice frowned, reaching down herself to have a squeeze

"Oh god, you're RIGHT! What the heck is happening?" She turned, and saw Gary with his jaw dropped "What's wrong THIS time?" he just pointed, and she followed the line of his finger... to her bicep. Her grapefruit sized bicep that was stretching out her glove, with a single vein running along the surface. "What the heck?" she said, lifting her arm to examine it.

Meanwhile, Claire had Derek pinned to a wall and was busy reaching under his tunic to grab his posterior as she made out with him furiously. Derek kissed back, hands on her sides

"Geeze, Claire, what's gotten into you?" he said with a chuckle, kissing her again and rubbing her through the dress he'd made "I've never seen you this horny before!"

The chemistry student smiled down at her boyfriend, squeezing his butt with one hand as the other toyed with his chin "I dunno... I guess it's being in costume maybe? You have any other ideas for couples cosplay? Now that I'm doing this I LOVE it!" She giggled giddily, lifting him up by the hand on his butt so that she could stand straight and kiss him rather than leaning down... wait, what? Derek looked around with gulp

"Claire... you... you're huge!" he put a hand on her shoulder, and gasped "And... and BUFF!"

Claire looked down, raising her arm that wasn't occupied firmly holding her boyfriends rump, and gave it an experimental flex. A bicep popped up at her command, huge and round and turgid, her glove conforming to the curve. She gasped, giving it a couple more pumps "Oh my word... I'm so... BIG!" She said gleefully, looking at Derek and smirking "And judging by how you're staring at my arm, you like this too, hmmm?" He blushed, adjusting his green hat

"Well... I love you babe, no matter what right? Just because you're all big..."

"oh you don't have to hide it honey... You like me with all this muscle, right?" She flexed her pecs, shoving her larger boobs into his chest with the motion. He gulped, and nodded "Well then..." She grunted, flexing every muscle at once, her dress becoming like a coat of paint over her upper half as every muscle bulged into sharp view, the lace and decorations of the costume altering to frame her six pack, her swollen lats, her rock solid boulders of shoulders "Why don't you enjoy, hmmm?"

As Derek enjoyed his girlfriends new mass, Gary was not enjoying the same change in Alice.

"Seriously, you're taller than me now, you can stop growing!"

"And I keep telling you I'm not in control of this!" She huffed "God, do you have to be so self centered, imagine how I feel?"

"I guess you're right... Suddenly growing all those gross muscles must be freaking you out." Alice frowned.

"Gross?" She said, arching one royal eyebrow

"Well yeah, your body's all... bulgey and lumpy and... and big!" He said, as she gained another couple of inches, now a full head taller than the star football player.

"And what if I LIKE this new... bigness?" She said, flexing her bicep... she watched as the creamy white fabric of her glove stretched and tightened up over her muscle. It felt good to flex and pump her muscles. REALLY good. She wondered how strong she was now.

"Like it... come on babe, don't kid around..."

"I'm not kidding Gary! I feel pretty good being all big and muscley. Are you really that disgusted by me now?" Gary just looked away, and Alice fumed "Fine then!" she turned on a reinforced pink heel, and stomped over to where Claire had Derek pinned to the wall, pushing herself in beside the other princess "Room for one more?" She asked, pressing her prodigious bust into Derek, who gulped and looked between the two girls. Claire just laughed

"You finally listened to my advice about Gary, huh? Good for you girl! Though I'm not sure I approve of you muscling in on my man..."

"Oh, I wasn't going to steal him away from you... I just thought maybe he'd like a second amazon in his bed. He seems to appreciate your muscles." Claire laughed

"What do you think sweetie?" She said, looking down at Derek "You fancy both of us?" Derek looked between the two blondes, their wigs having turned into their natural hair, and nodded slowly "Well then! My place is closest, lets head over there and have a little fun. Or a lot of fun." She giggled, and she and Alice hoisted Derek between them before wiggling out, pressing the lucky guy between their two bodies as they walked. Once they were out of the sorority, Gary came running!

"Babe, what are you doing! Are you dumping me for that nerd?" Alice turned her head and huffed.

"Gary, it's over. You were kind of a jerk before this, now? I don't want to see you again, you shallow bastard!"

"Geeze, those muscles have made you all 'roid ragey." She stopped walking, and rotated her entire body around

"Claire, be a sweetie and hold Derek for me." She said, before letting go of the nerdy guy and strutting over to Garys car. It was his pride and joy, a shiny new 4x4 that his daddy had bought as a congratulations for getting into college. He loved the thing, nobody got to eat in it, vape in it, he even turned down Alices offer of the classic fooling around on the back seat. Sometimes it seemed he loved the car more than her. Gary watched, helpless as Zelda drove her fingers into the bodywork of the car, and hoisted it overhead with one hand!

"Whoah, easy there! You're being irrational babe..."

"Stop calling me babe Gary. It's over." She reached up with her other hand, and started to squeeze the car together, the metal concertinaing as she pressed the back and the front towards each other "Maybe this'll teach you a little respect." once she'd compressed the car, broken glass raining down around her, she got to work mashing the metal and plastic down even further, the whines of tortured metal ringing out until she had a beachball sized orb of scrap in one hand. "Hey, Peach. Go long!" She overhand threw the ball at Claire, who swung out one thick royal leg and booted the ball with her shin, BANG! The ball that had once been a car went flying with a ZOOM! and soared over the horizon. The girls both smirked, and Alice went back to holding Derek between her and Claire before waving her hand, and using Zeldas magic to teleport them all to Claires bedroom, on her bed.

It didn't take long for both princesses to strip off and start posing for Derek.

As the party erupted into sexy muscular superpowered chaos, Wanda left, still slim and normal, giggling to herself "mmm, that should fill up my prank quota for this Halloween, don't you think?" A black cat jumped from a nearby bush and landed on her shoulder licking himself once he was perched securely

"I'd say so.. I still can't believe that you went dressed like this, have some self-respect girl!" Wanda giggled

"Oh, don't worry, it's just a bit of fun! Who'd suspect a witch of being a witch, right?"

"I guess." The cat gumbled "I'm surprised you didn't take a potion for yourself..."

"Oh?" Wanda pulled another potion out of her cleavage. Unlike the brightly coloured bottles in the cauldron, this one was full of a deep, dark liquid "You mean, something like this?" She popped the cork and chugged it down, her body instantly starting to rumble and grow, her costume stretching like mad to keep up. She indulged in a witchy cackle as she grew and grew, the cat sighing on her shoulder as she eclipsed any of the other girls in size, a true magical behemoth! The pavement was cracked and crumbled beneath her feet as she posed her muscular body, giving her new booty a SLAP that shook the ground and made nearby trees shake with the force of the shockwave!

"Why did I say anything..." the cat said on her shoulder said, as Wanda mounted up on her broom and zoomed off into the night sky, flexing a pumpkin sized bicep in silhouette against the full moon as she flew.
Halloween Party
Happy Halloween everybody! This is a bit rushed at the edges, but better to have it out on time than late. Enjoy everyone! I promise I'll do more stories soon!

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"Well Mrs. Dale, if you want to give your new body a proper workout these machines are going to put you through your paces." Doctor Blake smiled "The gym on the upper floors is always available, and as you purchased the gold-plus package you have a lifetime discounted membership on the machines up there. This is my private gym for more discerning clients... by appointment only. You'll get plenty of camaraderie and make new friends upstairs, but for this first session let's keep it private? Especially given your state of undress."

Mrs. Dale smiled. A little while ago she had been just a normal woman. Wealthy, and in a position of power at a large company, but normal in every other regard. Then she had stepped into Doctor Blake's Power Chamber. Now she stood at a commanding seven foot tall, her body tight and hard with bulging, powerful muscles, large curves, and totally naked. For a fourty-six year old woman, she was looking hot, the process had also smoothed out some of the rougher lines of age. She still looked mature, but it was a maturity that enhanced her features and gave her a confident, sensuous countenance. She raised one arm, making the muscles on it and her torso shift and flex, running her hand through her short brown-grey hair, making sure to pull her arm back slowly to maximize the effect of the flexing as her triceps, lat, deltoid and pectoral all shifted and tensed under her tight skin.

"If you say so Doctor." She lowered her hand and stepped forwards, her hips swaying and buttocks bouncing with her motions. She walked from the area near the entrance, full of conventional machines including one she had torn in half with her phenomenal new strength a few minutes previous. She stepped towards the other machines. These were new devices built by Blakes labs to accommodate the strength of women enhanced by his chamber. Rather than conventional weights, they used pistons and mechanical devices to provide resistance. Dangerous for a normal human, but for an enhanced women there was no more convenient way to challenge their muscles and measure their strength. She came to a machine for bicep curls, a seat with two heavy handles on massive chains with three inch thick links that fed into a massive metal case, the size of two minivans stuck together, on the back via padded holes. "I like the look of this one."

"OK then Mrs. Dale, if you would sit down here..."

"Please. Call me Elena." She said with a smile, parking her huge, muscular rump onto the bench, leaning back against the pad of the machine and reaching down to grab the two massive handles in her mighty hands. Instantly she could feel the difference between this machine and the more conventional one she had just trashed. The black metal was dense and cold to the touch, and she could actually feel the weight of them in her palms! Already this was an improvement. She curled her right arm slowly, the chain clanking as she pulled it taut with her forearm parallel to the ground. Then she started to curl upwards, the chain feeding out of the housing on the back as she steadily raised her hand, her forearm taut and solid with the power of her grip, and her bicep swelling slowly as she did the rep. She could actually feel the resistance on this machine, not just the weight of the metal. "Amazing... I tore that other machine apart like it was tissue paper..." She let her arm down slowly, proper workout form had been one of the requirements for undergoing the treatment so she knew what she was doing here "But this... is actually a challenge!" She grunted as she curled up her left arm, that bicep swelling too "I think I like it... how does this even work?"

"Company secret I'm afraid, Elena." The doctor said as the nude woman pumped her biceps slowly and steadily "The machines upstairs will give you just as much of a workout, and we have one for every single muscle group." She nodded, raising her right arm again, a thick, dark vein starting to worm its way up to the surface of her bicep now

"And personal trainers I recall..." She completed ten reps on each arm, and gently set the grips down before standing, rubbing her arms over, tracing the line of the vein with her finger as she smiled at it "I think I'll be taking advantage of that discount then. Now... have you got anything for my rear?" She said, turning and giving her large, rounded glutes a hefty slap "I like this new size it has, I want to see it pumped up."

"Squats are the number one thing for that... This way please." He led her over to another machine. This one had a horizontal bar, attached at either end to great pistons that extended up into the ceiling, all made of that glossy dark metal. Elena stood where the machine indicated she should, pulling down the bar to rest on her shoulders and gripping it with her hands. Dr. Blake walked over to a nearby control panel and started to adjust some settings. Instantly she felt the weight press down on her shoulders as the pistons fired up with a low humming noise.

"OK then..." Elena let out a breath through her pursed lips, and slowly started to lower her body down. She was careful to maintain proper form, back straight, shoulders square, bar moving vertically with no forwards or backwards shift. The pistons continued to hum and throb as she went down, her nude butt almost touching the floor, before pushing back up with a grunt. She smiled as she rose slowly, legs flexing, calves popping out and her glutes tensing up into two amazing rounds of feminine muscle. She was REALLY enjoying this workout... It felt good. Good to have her muscles pump and flex, good to push herself against the weights, good to feel how strong she had become. She reached the standing position, then slowly started to dip again. Ten reps, just like the curls, before she nodded at Blake again and he switched off the machine. She stepped out, looking into a nearby mirror and twisting her waist, smiling at the sight of her pumped up behind coming into view. It looked even better now, rounder, fuller, perkier! She gave it another slap and a wiggle, her lips locked into a cocky smirk

"Now then Doctor... let's see what else of mine we can work out, shall we?"

Half an hour later, Elena was testing the pinpoint precision control she had over her new body by doing handstand pushups on a single finger, when the huge Japanese woman who accompanied Blake stepped forwards, carrying a small package in her palms "Mrs. Dale, your session is over. You should head back home now. The girls in the lab have prepared these for you, please remember to dress before leaving." She turned to the doctor "Sir, we should go, your Three-Fifteen appointment is waiting."

"Oh, yes. Of course. We wouldn't want to disappoint her after all..." Doctor Blake laughed nervously "Sorry Elena, but I do have to get going. Get dressed and I'll take you to reception." Elena unfolded the cloth bundle in her hands and pulled it on. It was a replica of her old clothes, blouse, skirt, jacket, tights and pumps, but sized to fit her new body. There was a thong as well... no bra though. She wouldn't need one now, her breasts were superhumanly perky and bouncy and wouldn't sag one millimeter. Just another perk of the Power Chamber. She checked out her new clothes in the mirror approvingly, smirking at how her body looked amazing and powerful even clothed now, before following the other two into the lift. The assistant handed her her bag back... it was so small now, she could barely fit the strap around her shoulder and lat. A quick lift ride up to the reception level and she was out of the office.

Elena stepped outside with a smirk. She should head home now. She could take the tube... but where was the fun in that? She crouched down, tensing up her legs, and pushed upwards into a mighty leap that sent her sailing over the city of London! She touched down a couple of minutes later at the conclusion of her arc in one of the suburbs, precise flexing and bending of her legs as she landed preventing her fall from causing a crater, and also sticking out her mighty, muscular butt.

Of course, Elena wasn't alone in the street. A student was walking by, and turned his head as Elena landed. He gasped, but kept on walking, and smacked headfirst into a lamppost! He fell to the ground rubbing his forehead, when suddenly he was being loomed over by Elena!

"Oh dear, I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Uh, no, that was my fault, sorry..."

"Oh it's fine... You've never seen an amazon up close before have you?" he responded by shaking his head. She smiled, flexing her bicep through her jacket which made his eyes swell. Her nose picked up a scent on the air that he released when she did that... pheromones? Elena smiled wider, reaching down to undo a button on her blouse while flexing her pecs to showcase some monster cleavage! he started to sweat and released more of that strange scent. Suddenly, the poor boy was scooped up by Elena and held under one arm as she walked back to her house nearby

"ummm, what are you doing?" He asked, trying to struggle against her before realizing how futile it was.

"My husband's away for the week and my kids are both at school... why don't you come in for some coffee and you can get alllll your curiosity sated." She said as she opened up the door "I hope you don't mind being with a more mature woman... but I feel like I could take on an army right now!" He gulped "Nervous? You can go if you want..."

"Ummm..." his eyes swept over to her muscular rump in her skirt "I think I'll give it a go..."


Later that evening, Doctor Blake rubbed his eyes as he typed in his high rise office.  The skyscraper that he'd built on the site dominated Harley Street, towering over the rest of the surrounding buildings with its commanding thirty floors, plus all the below ground facilities as well. He was en route to becoming the wealthiest man in the world, that was if he wasn't already, and while he may not have been the most powerful around, the fact that his entire office was staffed with girls who could derail trains with their bare hands meant that even the most jaded and greedy executive would think twice about trying to overthrow him. He typed a few more sentences as his assistant walked up, breasts bouncing softly with each step.

"Sir, it's seven o'clock, you should head home now."

He sighed, and looked over at her. She was gorgeous, not a single sign of age or stress on her face, large even for one of the girls who had had a round in the chamber, flawless skin, straight dark hair... which now that it was after hours, she had let down out of her usual office bun. She'd also undone a couple of the buttons on her blouse to expose some of her fantastic cleavage.

"I suppose you're right Carol... Let's head home." She gave a warm smile and walked with him to the elevator down to the car park. There were a few cars left, the most impressive of which was a sleek black Bentley, tinted windows, dark metal rims, chrome trim, the works. Carol opened up the rear door for Blake to step into, before taking the drivers seat and pulling out. Blake sighed and stretched out on the soft leather seats, rubbing his eyes. "What's on my schedule for tomorrow?"

"Nothing Sir, your vacation starts." Carol said "We're scheduled to take off at 10:00 sharp."

"Oh, yeah, the holiday..." He sighed, looking down "I don't know... I'm not sure I should. I have so much to do, and the company's situation is fragile right now..."

"Sir, you arrive at six every morning and the earliest I've seen you leave in the past few months is six thirty in the evening. You NEED a break, and I will not have you postpone this."

"But Carol..."

"No Sir. The only butts are going to be in bikinis where you're going. You, me, and the twins. You bought that villa in Barbados, you should use it at least once." Blake sighed

"I still don't think..."

"Sir, you are going to go to the Caribbean and have a magical time for two weeks. I'm sure the girls in the office will be sending you dozens of calls and texts a day anyway... For all that the chamber gives us bigger IQ results, they still can't manage without you." Blake rubbed his eyes

"Why can't it be like when we were back in university? You didn't used to call me Sir then..."

"And you weren't paying me to be your personal assistant, Sir. It's my job to make sure that you're able to run the company smoothly, and if that means taking two weeks out, then you're going to have your two weeks out." She said, giving extra weight and emphasis to the word Sir "Besides. I know you love hearing a woman with my power calling you that." She said with a smile, continuing to drive, the motor purring under the hood. "And I do so love making you happy..." Blake smiled tiredly

"You used to call me Blakey..."

"Well, that was then. I wasn't an eight foot juggernaut back then, nor did I work for you, nor were you a billionaire who was shaking up the entire world with your inventions. You DESERVE to be called Sir." She said, pulling up at Blakes Chelsea apartment. "And besides, I like it." Blake sighed, moving to get the door for himself before Carol could open it for him. She was, of course, far too fast for that.

The pair walked inside the building. At Carols advice, Blake now owned multiple pieces of property. He had a proper four bedroom house out in the suburbs that he hardly ever visited, but most of his time was spent in this apartment when he wasn't at the office. It was cheap, for Chelsea that is, fully stocked with a kitchen, bathroom, two guest rooms in addition to the master bedroom, and a fully featured living space suitable for a large-ish private party. Not that he hosted any here... he was never much of a socializer, and his work left him hardly any time to himself, let alone hosting gatherings. Carol walked into the kitchen, shedding her jacket, blouse, skirt, tights and pumps as she did so, leaving her in just her lacy black thong that framed her gorgeous behind. She stuck it out as she bent over and opened up the fridge, giving it a few wiggles as Blake sat down.

"Does stir fry sound OK?"

"Whatever, I'm too tired to think about food." Carol shook her head where he couldn't see, not letting out a sigh. That would be unprofessional. She pulled out the ingredients and got to work with the thousand dollar knife set, on the solid mahogany cutting board. With the shrimp, vegetables, a pack of noodles and a bottle of sauce, it only took a few minutes before she had two plates of food ready for them. She sat down, pulling the doctor into her lap and setting the food down in his. He leaned backwards, resting his head against her full, naked chest, and started to eat as she switched on the TV to the news channel. They were greeted by the sight of one of their clients, an oil heiress from Texas showcasing her strength by lifting a fully loaded tanker truck with one hand, flexing her other arm for the camera with a broad smile. Blake sighed "I see Dixie hasn't grown tired of showing off..." As the story played, another general interest piece about the Power Chamber and the girls who had been in it, Dixie pumped the truck up and down a few times, her tanned muscles bugling and swelling in the bright sunlight.

"I know, it's so crass of her." Carol said, as she flexed her pecs to separate her breasts, letting Blakes head roll deeper into her cleavage. "Then again, I suppose it is good advertising." Carol daintily blew on a shrimp before swallowing it, as Dixie turned around to showcase their company logo stencilled across the butt of her short-shorts. "Let's everyone see the benefits of your invention"

"Mmm.." Blake just mumbled, nuzzling her chest as he ate, and the news moved away to more normal things.

"Sir..." Carol said as they finished their meals, her taking the plates and setting them to one side "Since it is your holiday tomorrow, why don't we get an early start on the fun today, hmmm?" She smiled as his head pressed deeper into her cleavage, she took the opportunity to reach down and grab his butt with one hand, squeezing him closer into her body "That's right, enjoy them, they're all yours Sir..."

"Zzzzzzzzz...." She looked down.  Blake was asleep in her cleavage. The Amazon looked for a couple of seconds, and shook her head with a smile. She stood, easily holding him in her one hand and carried him over to the king size bed, daintily shucking his clothes as they walked while also flicking off her thong smoothly mid-step. She lay on the bed, wrapping both arms around Blake, and petted his back.

"And you say you don't need some time off... honestly, what would you do without me?" She pulled over her iPad and popped one of the earbuds in, switching on an audio book. She didn't need to sleep more than an hour a night, but she still liked to stay with her boss as he did. She'd crushed on him in university, and now, well... Giving a woman the most powerful body imaginable could do a lot to endear a guy to her, and Carol wasn't above that. She gently massaged his back as he slept, closing her eyes to enjoy the intimacy of having him press against her.
Big Business 2
More Big Business, this time with all sorts of fun stuff! Sorry about not uploading much lately, things have been crazy a little bit, but I should be able to do some more writing soon! Let me know what you think, I always love to hear from you guys about my silly little fetish stories! And don't worry, more Kinniku High is coming, I promise!

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"Hello, I'm here for my appointment?"

In the ground floor level of an office block on Harley Street, London, a woman in her mid 40s stood. She was dressed smartly, in a blouse, pencil skirt and jacket with tights and black pumps, a plain black handbag slung over her shoulder. Her brown hair, greying slightly at the edges, was cut short and neat, and her features were just as no nonsense. Thin practical lips, a sharp nose and piercing blue eyes gave her an intense countenance. However, the woman behind the counter was not intimidated by her insistent tone.

"Ah, Mrs Dale for 2:30? Please sit down in the waiting area, the boss will be with you shortly." She smiled warmly. This woman was very different than the customer. She was broad and heavy, but not with fat. Underneath her red blouse and short skirt, she was bulging with thick, powerful muscles. Her own tights, dark and sheer, hugged every curve of her legs that were flexed and strained lewdly, even just from sitting down. Mrs Dale only got a look at them from standing at the counter, what had occupied her vision when she'd entered had been the girls torso. Her blouse was rolled up at the sleeves, showing her bare forearms. They were pale and massively thick, tapering from the broad solid mass close to her elbows into slender, shapely hands, though still large in accordance with her frame. The secretaries keyboard, pen and coffee mug were all outsized for her mighty hands to handle, and they looked solid and reinforced as well. It was the same with her chair, with a wider seat than the norm and what looked like Kevlar covering the padding as her generously sized arse crushed down on the heavy steel frame. Her shoulders were broad and heavy looking, like two pumpkins resting atop her arms, with her watermelon sized biceps rippling and bulging with every motion, straining against the fabric of her sleeves with a set of soft creaks.

Her face was gorgeous too, full plush lips, a cute nose, long curly golden hair hanging loose over her frame. Her blouse was unbuttoned, exposing a creamy white cleavage that looked like a team of spelunkers could go diving in it for days. As Mrs Dale sat down, the secretary typed away at blistering speed, casually adjusting her earpiece as her fingers tapped away on the keys, surprisingly quiet given her size, power, and the heavy appearance of the keyboard. A light on the womans headset lit up, and she pressed a finger to it "Mrs Dale is here for your 2:30 appointment sir." She purred in a smooth, even tone "She's waiting right here in the lobby... Understood sir." The blonde turned to the older woman, and smiled "He'll be here as soon as he can Mrs. Dale."

The brunette nodded from her seat, the sofa all brushed steel and cream leather, very plush, very expensive. The marble floors gleamed, the front of the office was a one way mirror. The people outside couldn't see in, but those inside could see out. Four red stone pillars, perfectly smooth cylinders, were set in a square in the room, while the walls were more white marble, inlaid with a red mosaic pattern at around waist height. The receptionists desk was simple but imposing, polished dark wood with no ornamentation. The entire room gleamed and shone, clearly they paid their cleaners well. Mrs. Dale looked down to the steel and glass coffee table in front of her, and browsed through the magazines. They were all this months issues, The Spectator, Time, National Geographic, Scientific American, Cosmopolitan, Vogue... most of them featuring stories on this very clinic in fact. It was causing ripples in the world, and with good reason.

The door behind the receptionist opened, and out stepped a man. He was dressed in a grey suit, looking slightly disheveled, with a rough stubble and messy dark hair. His green eyes showed signs of tiredness, clearly a man with a lot on his plate. From behind him stepped another huge woman. She was of Japanese extraction, her dark hair tied back into a tight bun, mirrored sunglasses covering her eyes. She wore a white blouse under a black pinstripe jacket and matching trousers. The jacket and blouse were cut short, giving a view of her abs. They were nothing short of perfect, deeply carved blocks of muscle casually resting on her body. The rest of her midsection was just as solid and cut, and the tightness of her clothes left very little to the imagination regarding the rest of her body as well. Her trousers were done up with a belt, a hefty silver buckle in the shape of a simple hemisphere resting just below her exposed belly. She walked behind the man, her hips rotating smoothly with each step as she followed him attentively, an outsized tablet held in one of her arms, the other casually resting at her side. Each step made her chest bounce softly, her hefty mammaries looking like they could pop out of her top at any second.

"Mrs. Dale! So good to see you again!" The man approached her, extending a hand. The older woman stood, and gave a firm handshake back

"Doctor Blake, it's good to be back." She gave a controlled smile, he nodded back to her

"Indeed, especially today. Your payment cleared this morning, and we're ready to undergo the procedure. This way please." He led her back to the doors, the huge slab of black-suited female following them silently. As they passed by the blonde receptionist, Harry Blake gave her monstrous shoulder a squeeze, not even denting the muscle "Any calls while I was away Stephanie?" Stephanie smiled back at him

"A couple sir... The BBC want to interview you for Breakfast, and the woman from GlaxoSmithKline phoned again. They're offering two billion for the buyout now sir... I told her I'd relay it for your consideration."

"Thank you Stephanie, phone back the BBC and say I'd be happy to do an interview. Let me handle GSK... apparently I haven't been clear enough that we are not for sale. I'll be down in the lab with Mrs. Dale for the next hour or so, standard procedure. Keep up the good work."

"Yes sir!" Stephanie said enthusiastically, returning to typing as the party of three stepped into the elevator behind the secretary. Dr. Blake pressed one of the buttons, and the smooth chrome chamber started to descend to the basement levels

"Sorry for the delay in seeing you Mrs. Blake... I was seeing some architects regarding a new expansion for the firm into New York, they had to drag things out longer than we planned."

"Hmmmph, it's fine, quite understandable." The brunette said "You're possibly the worlds most in-demand man right now, a couple of minutes delay is practically ahead of schedule." They both laughed at the joke, while Blakes assistant remained stoic. "I assume everything is ready?"

"Correct. Your contracts are signed, you passed the psych test, consultations are all done and as I just said, the payment has been received. All that's left to do is flip the switch." The doors opened whisper quiet, and Dr. Blake led her out into the lab floor.

This was, currently, the most desirable location in the world for many people. A huge vaulted underground room, carved out of the rock. Around it, hundreds of computer banks blinked, whirred and spun, manned by yet more hugely muscled women in white lab coats. One of them, with a red trim on hers, turned and smiled, her red hair tied back into a loose ponytail

"Ah, boss, you're here right on time! Mrs. Dale, nice to see you here." The brunette nodded "Everything's all prepped and ready, if you would step this way please?" She led the party through the rows of supercomputers towards the centre of the room. Mrs. Dale occasionally caught glimpses of other women dressed like the tablet carrying she-hulk, standing around vigilantly. That was to be expected... break-ins were a legitimate concern for this facility, and it all had to do with the device that they were approaching now.

Standing before them was a clear glass bubble, fitted with pipes, conduits, wires and vents feeding into it at various locations, the whole thing suspended off the ground on a heavy mechanical arm. The Power Chamber. This wasn't the first one that Doctor Blake had built back at university, but an upgraded version built using the money he had earned off of his prototype. It was the reason that all of the women on staff were so massive... and soon, it would be the reason for Mrs. Blake being similarly endowed

"So, I just step in?" She asked

"Yes... Some prefer to strip off before hand, but you don't have to if you don't want to... Some of our clients prefer to destroy their clothes as they receive their treatment. You'll wind up naked either way." Mrs. Dale smirked, and stepped onto the floor of the chamber, not removing her clothes.

"I'm ready." The scientists got to work, the glass dome lowering down over her. Lights flickered on the panels around them, the supercomputers started to beep and hum more enthusiastically, and the chamber started to vibrate and throb. She could see that the tubes were starting to pump in a transparent gas. Lights fitted to the inner surface of the dome started to glow and buzz bright white, while small metallic spheres started to oscillate in their housings. She took a deep breath, and then the changes started to happen!

First she felt her skin crack and prickle. The older woman looked down at her hands, and could see them regenerating before her eyes! Veins shrank down, her skin tightened and cleared up, blemishes vanished. She could feel the same thing happening all over her body, even her face. The sags and wrinkles of age weren't vanishing entirely, but she could feel them being altered.

Then she felt a warmth swell in her bust. Her bosom was modest, not her greatest feature, but now she could feel it softly swell and surge outwards, her bra straps tightening against her torso until... SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! The garment was destroyed by her expanding flesh, now trapped uselessly under her blouse. Not that she needed one anymore... she could feel her new breasts, perky and tight and utterly sag-proof straining against the white cloth until PING! Buttons started to fly off, exposing a wonderfully round, clear, blemish free, full and bouncy cleavage! The 46 year old woman smiled, as she felt the warmth flow through her body, suffusing her muscles and bones.

This was what she had been waiting for most eagerly. She licked her lips and clenched her fist, watching as the sleeve of her blouse and jacket grew tighter, creaking as her bicep, triceps, forearm and shoulder swelled outwards, steadily getting bigger and bigger until SHHHRIIIPPP! The seams on the sleeve tore to expose her muscle! She smiled down at her new arm, flexing harder, the fabric tearing open even more! She turned her gaze to her left arm, flexing that as well to effortlessly burst through the sleeve. She could feel the fabric on her tights starting to develop runs as her thighs and calves swelled and solidified, her pumps getting tighter until POP! The leather burst, her toes pushing through the front while her heel split the back apart. Her skirt was getting similar treatment, unzipping itself down the side as her hips and posterior swelled outwards with rippling feminine power, falling aside with a CLINK as her growing frame popped the zipper open. She reached up and grabbed the remains of her blouse and blazer, tearing them away from her body in a shower of scraps, her bra falling limply to the floor, then doing the same for her tights and panties, which were being swallowed up by her swelling cheeks. She was now utterly naked, flexing her goddess-like body as she basked in the mysterious environment of the Power Chamber.

But the chamber wasn't done yet. She could feel her senses sharpen, her vision clearing, then going beyond clear into detail that no human eye could ever perceive on its own. She was aware that she could now see into spectra beyond the normally visible, her nostrils flared, picking up the scents of the cleaning products used to prepare the chamber between visitors... she could see why, her body was dripping with sweat. Her ears picked up super and subsonic noises, she could feel the air move against her skin, taste on the wind. Then she felt her mind start to crackle and pop. New neural pathways were being created, increasing the raw processing power of her brain. This wouldn't affect her personality, but would allow her to much more easily retain, process, store and understand information. As an added side effect, she would require much less sleep, only an hour a night, or two if she really pushed her capacities. She licked her lips as she felt a similar treatment apply to all her bodily systems... her lungs now extracted more oxygen from the air, her digestive system could now process food much more efficiently, and even derive nourishment from things that weren't normally food, her blood was thicker and brighter red to account for the increased oxygen absorption, and she could feel her hair thicken and gain shine and luster, as her nails toughened up as well.

Soon, it was all over, the machine spinning down and the dome lifting. There stood the new Mrs. Dale, seven foot tall, bulging with muscles and outrageously curved. She stepped down off of the platform, her bare feet thudding meatily on the metal floor as she approached Doctor Blake. One of the scientists raised a mirror, so she could look at her new face. She still had a mature air about her, she considered as she turned her head on her bullish new neck with a smile, not all of the wrinkles were gone. But they had smoothed out the more egregious ones, giving her a properly MILF-y look to her rather than just looking old. Her hair was still brown and grey, and still cut short, but now it shone and seemed to naturally align itself without the need for her teasing and combing it into place to look good. The mature muscle woman smiled, and turned to the Doctor, now realizing that she was looking down at him from quite a considerable height!

"Thank you Doctor." She said, finding her voice deeper and more resonant "I feel... Incredible!" She struck a double biceps pose, sticking out her chest at the same time. Doctor Blake chuckled

"Well, that's the idea... I take it you're happy with your new body?"

"Oh yes." She turned, spreading out her back. Why was she showing off for this man? Then again, why not! "I never dreamed I would feel this good." She stuck out her smooth, flawless bubble butt, flexing those buns with a grunt "Worth every penny." Doctor Blake coughed

"We do have some clothes ready for you to wear before we get you measured for your new wardrobe... if you would prefer that is." She paused, then smiled

"If I can, I would rather stay undressed for now." She brought up one arm, biting her lip as the bicep peaked into a perfectly shaped mountain of muscle "This new physique is rather exhilarating... I want to enjoy it unaltered for a little while."

"As you say. Now, let's get you measured, then we do have a workout room if you want to have a little fun while we prepare your clothes?"

"Oh, I thought you'd never ask." She said, sauntering along side the Doctor, still followed by his assistant.

Once they had put her through the 3-D scanner and gotten the massively muscled scientist girls to work on some new clothes for her, Mrs. Dale was led into the lift again to another floor. The doors opened to a large, well lit gymnasium, full of all kinds of machines. The area in front of the lift was all conventional equipment, but from outside of that they got weirder and more dangerous looking the further away from the entrance they were!

"We have some conventional weights set up, so you can truly appreciate how strong you are now. Give them a try." The woman strode forwards, naked hips swaying with every step. She looked down at a barbell, loaded up with over 400 lbs of weight. A respectable deadlift for anyone, man or woman. She reached down with one thick, strong hand, and hefted it up without so much as the smallest grunt of effort! She curled it a few times, smiling down at her bicep as she flexed and rippled it with her motions, then brought up her other hand and effortlessly bent the bar into a pretzel

"Amazing..." She straightened out the bar, then bent it into a heart shape, holding it up and winking back at Doctor Blake. The doctor coughed and blushed slightly, she just grinned and flexed her free arm, with both arms flexed like that her back widened and rippled "I really am superhumanly strong..." She took the heart, and mashed the metal down into a ball like she was a child playing with clay. She held the sphere, about the size of a small beachball, up above her head with one hand, then balanced it on her finger, before bringing it down and continuing to mash the metal around like putty in her grip "Oh, I'm going to have some fun with this..." she wedged the sphere between her breasts, and grunted, flexing her pectorals

The metal oozed around her chest as it was squeezed, creaking and pinging as it was deformed by the impossible pressure exerted just by her chest! She laughed, reaching up with her hands and massaging her chest around, noting that her nipples were at full mast. But she didn't care, she was having too much fun with her new power! She pulled the mangled hunk of steel out and started to roll it into a tube between her hands, the surface glowing red hot where she pressed in. Soon she had a long bar of the metal, which she effortlessly bent at a right angle between her fingertips. She turned her head to the Doctor and smirked "Sorry for breaking the weights, I got a little caught up in how good it feels."

"It's fine, we buy them in bulk. Wreck as many as you like, it's not a problem." Her smirk deepened as she dropped the bar with a clang, strutted her powerful body over to an overhead press machine...  and reached down to hoist up the entire thing with one hand! of course, the machine was bolted to the floor, which just meant that as she pulled it up there was a set of loud pings as the forces involved just snapped the bolts like they were dry spaghetti.

"Hmmmph, WEAK!" She dropped the machine with a huge crash, hitting a double biceps pose "It seems that going to a conventional gym isn't for me anymore... I assume these other machines here can challenge my new muscles, Doctor?" She said, bouncing her breasts with some quick twitches of her pectorals. Before he answered, she bent over, sticking her rear out towards him, then standing up with the overhead press machine in her hands again "Then again, there is a certain exhilaration in these machines being no match for me." She tore the workout machine in half, weights spilling out and dropping to the floor with a set of heavy clangs as she pulled the steel shell apart like a gummy candy, the cables that held the weights on snapping with loud groaning noises, her strength making it look like no effort at all! She tossed the remnants of the machine aside, hitting a crab pose that made her muscles flex and harden to perfect definition, winking at the doctor as her rejuvenated body quivered with her pose. "But I think it's time I gave this wonderful new body a REAL test, don't you think? Let's try out these other machines."
Big Business
Another story, this one's pretty much just fetish bait. Don't worry, I'm working on more Kinniku High, I just had to get this out. Might do more if reception is positive!
"So, Chou and Tomoko are going to be in detention for two weeks? That's not too bad..."

Kenta and Hiroko were walking through the school halls to the rooftop to have lunch together, while Tomoko was busy with her team captain

"She says it is though, apparently the track team do lots of extra practice on evenings that aren't official club meetings."

"Oh! Yeah, I guess that'd be bad for her, huh..."

Kenta shook his head "It's what happens when you get into fights. She shouldn't have provoked Chou like that, even over me." Hiroko frowned, looking to her brother

"Chou? She's the girl who's been saying you don't belong here... Maybe I should have some "words" with her myself..." the girl said, raising her free hand and clenching her fist with a sound like creaking leather, bones popping in her arm as her bicep swelled menacingly "Nobody talks like that about my Nii-Chan..." Kenta gulped and raised his hand

"Hiroko, no. You can't just go beating people up." She sighed and relaxed, her arm deflating to merely huge

"I know, but... it makes me so mad!"

"Yeah, well, we'll just have to put up with it. Speaking of clubs, did you sign up for Karate yet?" Hiroko nodded

"Yeah, we meet on Tuesdays. Oh, this is so exciting, my first school sports club!" She clenched her fists up to her chin, squealing excitedly. Kenta laughed. Poor Hiroko... she'd been excluded from the school sports teams due to her status as an amazon. There were dedicated Amazon sports clubs, and they did have national tournaments against each other, but it just wasn't quite the same atmosphere... everyone was so driven and competitive, less of the community you got with school clubs. Hopefully now she'd get to have some proper bonding with people over a shared interest. "What about you Nii-Chan? Have you found a club yet? You can't really do sports here, can you?"

"No..." he sighed, but carried on walking "I've found something, don't worry."

"Oh, good!" The short muscle girl smiled "I was worried you were going to get left out here..." Kenta gave a wry smile, and patted her on the head

"You stop worrying about me. Us coming here was for you, remember?" Hiroko slumped as she walked and sighed

"Yeah, but still..." They headed out onto the rooftop and sat down to eat "When's your club meeting then?"

"This evening, as it happens. Karate's on Tuesday you said?"

"Yup!" She nodded "So you'll be heading home alone then." Kenta nodded back, opening up his bento

"And you'll be wanting feeding as well I take it..." Hiroko blushed and giggled, rubbing the back of her head. Kenta sighed "No need to be embarassed... it's been ten years Hiroko, with you AND mom. I know how you get after working out." She pouted

"Yeah, but I still feel bad making you make so much food." Hiroko blinked "Hey... could you teach me how to cook?" Kenta looked over at her

"Well... not right now..."

"No, no! But, like, this weekend maybe?" He nodded

"Sure, we can do something simple together." Hiroko gave a big grin and punched the air


After school, Kenta wandered up the stairs of the main building

"Let's see... it said room 304, right?" He walked around until he found the room in question, a piece of paper taped to the door read "Tokusatsu Club". Kenta took a breath and knocked on the door before opening it up "Hello? I'm here for the club?" The room was a small general-use space, with chairs and tables. The curtains were drawn for the small projector was sitting on one of the tables, aimed at the wall. Connected to the projector was a laptop, and sitting at that was a girl. She looked up, and gasped.

"Oh, a new member!" She smiled broadly. Her hair was bubblegum pink, done into two long braids that hung down over the front of her shoulders. Large circular glasses with slim rims framed blue eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. Her school uniform was about the standard, jacket over a blouse and skirt down to her knees. Her frame was average for an amazon, not especially cut or with particularly colossal muscle groups anywhere, merely pleasantly huge. What WAS colossal were her breasts, even through the blouse and jacket they bulged lewdly, each one larger than her head! She stood, only an inch or so shorter than Kenta "You... you're really here to join?"

Behind her the projector displayed a video onto the screen, men in spandex costumes fighting other men in rubber monster suits. A hero in a dynamic red outfit swung his highly marketable sword into a misshapen lizardy creature, creating sparks and clouds of smoke as the monster fell, waving his arms with a low roar of pain

Kenta nodded "Yes, I am..." before he could finish, she'd dashed across the room and had him pinned in a powerful hug, squeezing his body to hers

"Gyaaahhhhh! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I was so worried after all the seniors left this year, but with your help the club can continue!" She smiled broadly at him, still holding the boy in her impervious grip. "Oh this is great! Nobody else turned up and I was super scared I wouldn't be able to do this anymore, but now..." She looked down, and realized that Kenta was gasping for air in her hug "Ahh, I'm sorry!" She let go and took a couple of steps back, looking down and tapping her fingers together.

"Don't worry about it..." Kenta said, gasping for air "If you need one more member, I understand... Where's the rest of the club?" The girl blushed

"Oh, it's... it's just us. Since sports clubs are so much more popular, other clubs only need two members to stay in business."

"Just you and me?" She nodded "OK then. So, umm... what do we do here? Just watch old series?"

"Well... we will probably do that, yes, but, ummm..." She looked down "I was hoping... for the school festival we could make a movie? Just five minutes, transformation and a fight sequence and stuff... I wanted to do it last year but the seniors just wanted to goof off."

"Sure, that sounds fun! But, can we do it with just the two of us?" She smiled

"It's fine, I've got some friends in the drama club, it'll be a dual club effort!"

"Ok then... Sorry, what was your name again?" She blinked, and blushed

"Ah, I guess I didn't tell you in the excitement. I'm Chinami. And you're Kenta. No need to tell me that." he laughed

"Yeah, after being presented to the entire school like that at the start of the year I feel a little awkward... everyone knows who I am." She looked him up and down

"Well.. Let's not worry about that for now. We're just the Tokusatsu club, no need to make it anything more than that. Now let's sit down and watch something for the rest of the session, huh? We can talk about the film next week." Kenta took her up on her offer and sat as she pulled something up on the projector for them to watch. As the opening credits rolled she came and parked herself next to him on one of the specially reinforced school chairs, and tore open a bag of sweets "Here." She said, offering them to him as the music played. He took one with a smile, and turned to settle in and watch the show.



While yesterday it had been clear skies with a few picturesque wisps of cloud, now the sky was a mass of slate grey thunderheads with driving rain pouring down all over. Even inside the specially reinforced dojo, with thick walls and floors mounted on strong springs to handle Amazons brawling, the drumming patter of rain could be heard. Currently, the dojo was occupied by the karate club, girls adjusting their gi's and belts, friends catching up after the summer and a few new students wandering around in awe of the place. Hiroko was one of these newbies, and was snapping pictures on her phone.

The sports hall was utilitarian, but the dojo was done up very nicely indeed. Tatami mat floors and solid wood pillars gave the room the feeling of an old dojo, despite it having been constructed less than five years ago. Trophy cabinets lined the walls with special foot thick glass doors, full of the accomplishments of the various clubs. Trophies, ribbons, medals, photos of the teams triumphant... Kinnku High's amazon sports clubs had an international reputation for excellence, frequently representing Japan in world tournaments within the high school age bracket, and the martial arts clubs were no exception. Hiroko grinned as she took a photo of the Karate teams cabinet, as one of the seniors walked up behind her

"Hey, new girl!" Hiroko turned and looked up at the towering Amazon. She was a third year, with a red sash tied around her waist, arms folded and brows frowning. She stood about seven foot tall, her body thick with powerful muscle, bulging even through the normally loose gi. Her hair was tied back into a tight bun, her full lips twisted under her button nose as she looked down at Hiroko "What do you think you're doing?"

"Taking a picture of the trophies to show my mom!" Hiroko replied with a smile "She's going to be so excited to hear about all this!" The senior snorted

"This isn't a casual keep fit club! This is a serious fighters dojo! Those trophies? We worked for those! You think you can just waltz in and be all happy and smiley? Pfah!" She looked down at Hirokos waist "Blue belt? How long ago did you earn that?"

"Huh? Oh, eight years or so. I've been slacking on my karate, but I'm sure I can get back into form soon enough!" The senior blinked, then laughed

"Eight years? You drop karate for eight YEARS and you think you can just get back into form?" She turned "Hey, chief!" Another amazon walked up, her bare feet thudding on the ground. She was shorter than the senior mocking Hiroko, but the flesh that peeked through her Gi showed excellent conditioning, her neck and forearms both looking perfectly cut, with calluses on her hands from striking practice. Her skin was tanned a deep bronze, her hair cut short and swept back, also bleached lighter from the sun. "This girl thinks she can just come in here and act tough, want me to teach her a lesson?" The club captain sighed, fingering her black belt. She also had a strap around one of her arms to indicate her status as captain, specially stretchy to handle her flexing bicep. She turned to look down at Hiroko, and blinked

"What's your name kid?"

"Hiroko! Hiroko Kawaguchi! It's real nice to meet you captain, I promise I'll try hard for the club!" The captain frowned slightly, then smiled

"Sure thing Ami. You can fight her if you want." Ami grinned, marching over to one of the sparring mats where the seniors were showing off to the new recruits, telling them to clear the space for a match. Everyone gathered around excitedly, the crowd whispering

"That's Ami, she's one of the top three fighters in the club under the chief!"

"She's best with her punches, but she can kick like a mule too! She's definitely not one to mess with... that junior is in for a rough beating!"

"Watch this match, this is the kind of standard you'll have to train with!"

Ami was laughing with her friends, casually stretching out and popping her joints. Hiroko was all alone having pulled over her gym bag, setting her phone inside and taping up her fists calmly. She then pulled her hair back into a bun and held it in place with chopsticks, before starting to limber up herself. When both girls were ready they squared up in the ring, bowed to each other, then took their stances. The club member who had volunteered herself as referee raised her hands, then dropped it with a yell. The match was on!

The club captain leaned against one of the wooden columns as they circled each other, smiling to herself as another club member came up, tapping away on her tablet. She wore round glasses and had her dark hair done in a bob-cut, her brown belt neatly pressed and her gi sparkling white "Chief" the newcomer said "Are you sure it's OK to let a newcomer fight Ami? She's just going to get destroyed!" The captain raised a hand

"Don't worry... Ami's going to be in for a surprise if I'm right."

Ami circled Hiroko, the younger, smaller girl taking a defensive stance. She was scared, she should be. Ami had more muscle and reach than this upstart brat.. she'd show her to respect her elders! The older girl lunged in and unleashed a series of jabs. Hiroko bobbed and weaved, each jab not connecting by scant millimeters! The crowd gasped! "See, Ami has her on the ropes already!" The bespectacled girl bit her lip

"She's devoting her entire attention to dodging and Ami's still looking like she could land a hit any second!" the captain shook her head

"Honestly Kameyo... I thought you were meant to be the smart one at this club. Look again." Kameyo did, adjusting her glasses "Don't you see? Hiroko's barely evading Amis attacks on purpose. No more energy or motion than what's needed to dodge."

"But.. I don't understand, how can a blue belt be fighting on that level? And she said she'd stopped practicing eight years ago..."

Ami was getting frustrated. This little brat was annoyingly hard to hit! Oh well, time to stop holding back. She pulled back her fist, twisting her wrist, and launched it forward with blinding speed and ferocity

"Oh, there it is!"

"The meteor punch! She's won many matches with this!"

"This new girl must be good if she's going to lose to Ami's signature move!"

Hiroko smirked, and adjusted stance. She brought her feet in, tightened up her guard and hunched down lower, fists close to her face. Amis fist came down, the power of her jab tearing the air with a roaring sound.

"This is it brat!" Ami thought "You're going to get in line after this for sure!" The fist streaked towards Hirokos face... And then Hiroko launched a punch of her own! Her left arm shot out to meet Ami's right, her fist skidding along the inside of Ami's arm! This forced Ami's fist away from Hirokos head, the punch whiffing behind the younger girl... and Ami now had Hirokos own hand coming up towards her jaw! The impact hit with a mighty BOOM sound! Ami was lifted into the air... then shot upwards, impacting the ceiling. It receded on its special springs, almost to the limit of what it could handle, before it pushed back, and Ami fell to the ground with a THUD that shook the entire dojo! She was out cold, everyone staring in stunned silence at Hiroko. The kevlar bands she had used to bind her left fist were totally blown apart over her knuckles, the edges smoking and smoldering where the force of the impact had ripped and burned the cloth! Hiroko blinked

"Oh... Sorry... was I not meant to do that?" Hiroko was swarmed with club members cheering and gawking over her, bombarding her with questions. Kameyo stood there, jaw dropped

"That.. That wasn't a karate move, was it Chief?" The captain shook her head

"No, that was a Cross Counter. A move plucked from boxing, and a very tricky one at that. It requires timing, dynamic vision, precision, and a lot of guts" She folded her arms as Kameyo furiously tapped away on her tablet "I fought Hiroko eight years ago at the first Amazon karate tournament and I've followed her career since." Kameyo pulled up a newspaper page from that tournament, showing a young, eight year old Hiroko hoisting the gold trophy up high with a big grin on her face. Despite the younger features and one missing front tooth, the pint sized amazon there was clearly her! "She quit karate after that, and took up other martial arts. She never stayed with one for long, only a year or so at most, but she always seemed to be a prodigy at them. If she's coming back to karate she's going to be a force to be reckoned with."

Hiroko was hoisted aloft on the shoulders of two of the other seniors, while some other club members pulled the still unconscious Ami away to the side "Kameyo, I think we might have a new anchor on our squad."


After the rainstorm the day before it was thankfully dry and sunny, the early spring sun shining bright as the running club worked out around the track. Currently they were testing the new girls, having them do shuttle runs, laps, checking their shoes and form, having them jump hurdles, and generally giving them the full treatment. The girls were wearing cutoff T shirts that exposed their rock hard abs, and booty shorts that hugged their asses and not much else, with knee high socks, training shoes and sweatbands completing the look. The amazons on campus security were being extra vigilant today, they'd already found two photographers around the walls trying to take long distance pictures of the girls.

Tomoko was currently stretching out near a bench, her gym bag in front of her with an iPod strapped to her waist playing her favorite jams. She twisted as she stretched her arm, which brought her field of vision to rest on three freshmen who were staring at her with rapt awe "Umm... can I help you?" The three girls gasped, and giggled

"Umm... No! No Tomoko, we just want to watch you stretch out!" Tomoko blinked and sighed. She recognized these sorts of girls...

"Oh boy... look, you're on the same team as me now, OK? You can't just sit there and look at me with starry eyed admiration, you have to be willing to train and contribute, yeah? You want to hang out with me, let's go for a run." She smiled, reaching up and tightening the tie on her ponytail before turning to the team captain "Hey, I'm going to take the new girls out for a circuit." The team captain gave her a nod, and she turned back to her little clutch of groupies "Ok then ladies, ready to see how I train?"

"S... Sure thing, Tomoko, we" before the girl could finish, Tomoko tensed her legs and leaped over the school wall with a WOOSH of displaced air. The other girls all gawked, and followed with rather clumsy jumps of their own. They clearly weren't used to using their bodies in this way. Tomoko meanwhile, once she had touched down on the other side of the wall, had broken out into a run. She wasn't worried about photographers now, at this speed they wouldn't be picking up much more than a blur. She didn't go all out in her speed, she wanted the new girls to be able to keep pace with her after all. The redhead glanced back to see them following her, and flashed them a grin. She then leaped up again to a nearby buildings flat rooftop, and started to take long strides, each pump of her legs carrying her to a new building with long, arcing leaps.

Half an hour later the girls arrived back at the school. Tomoko was gleaming with a layer of sweat, smiling and humming to herself. Meanwhile, the three new girls were gasping for air, dripping with sweat and covered in scuffs and dirt marks, their athletics uniforms looking rather beat up from the ordeal. Tomoko walked over to a large ice-filled barrel and picked out four huge bottles of sports drink. She tossed three to the girls before popping the top on hers and chugging it.

"Drink up" she said, after draining half the bottle. "Hydration and electrolytes, you'll need both. Trust me, muscle cramps with legs like these?" she slapped one meaty thigh for emphasis "Not fun." The girls nodded limply and started to drink "So, from the state of you, I'm guessing you've never really pushed your bodies before?" The lead girl shook her head

"Uhhh.. no, I guess not. Everything's so easy since I got these muscles..."

"And how long have you had them?" The girl gulped

"Ah... About two years now..." "Three for me." "Six months." Tomoko took another huge swig of her drink, and sat back on the bench

"Right. If you're going to be on a sports club, you need to train like hell. We're all superhumans here, true... but that doesn't mean you can just lounge around eating ice cream and watching TV all day and expect to be an athlete. Our bodies still respond to training and exercise, and it will still make you better. You think you can handle feeling like this once a week? Twice? Every day?" The girls just looked at her blankly. Tomoko was something of a celebrity on the Amazon sports scene. She'd dominated the junior high athletics competitions, and in her first year of senior high school she'd done very much the same. "If you want to cheer me from the sidelines, then that's great. If you want to train with me?" She flexed, her bicep dramatically expanding in size and gaining massive definition and shapeliness "You'd better be prepared to handle the regime of a world-class athlete. Now come on, break's over, time for some shuttle runs!"



The dojo was in constant use after school, rotating on the martial arts clubs throughout the week. Thursday was the turn of the Sumo club, and Minami was currently laughing with her friends, adjusting her traditional Mawashi waist binding and breast band.

Sumo was a staunchly traditional sport, and since as far back as it had existed, it had been a boys club. The Amazon Phenomenon, however, changed all that. While amateur womens sumo was permitted, professional sumo was men only. However, with Amazon sumo exploding in popularity, getting millions of viewers worldwide on live streams and with female wrestlers faces pushing a lot of merchandise, the Japan Sumo Association had had to take action. After much debate among the Oyakata, the senior wrestlers who made up the Association, it was decided to categorize Amazons as neither women nor men as far as sumo was concerned. This neatly sidestepping the issues of tradition that stopped such bouts from gaining official backing, as well as meaning that the Amazons could wrestle in the traditional rings, which were forbidden to be even touched by a woman. It was still a controversial way of doing things, but it gave Amazon sumo some official backing.

From there, Amazon sumo had exploded in popularity, eclipsing mens sumo in revenue and viewership, especially when they started aggressively pursuing worldwide broadcasts for the pro matches. Even amateur Amazon sumo was getting plenty of traction... something about watching powerful girls with minimal clothes slam their bodies into each other was really resonating with the public, for some reason.

Minami finished laughing at one of her teammates jokes, when one of the other girls piped up "Hey, Minami, you've been hanging around with Kenta a lot, right?" Minami blinked

"Umm... yeah, what about it?"

"Ooh, tell us EVERYTHING!"

"What does he like?"

"Is he into Amazons?"

"Are you dating him?"

"Would he date me?" Minami held up her hands to quiet the girls down

"Geeze... why are you all so into him?"

"Well, he's a guy, here at school! I had a boyfriend, but being here most of the year put a strain on the relationship."

"Yeah, and other guys mostly get scared when they get up close with us. Is he scared of you Minami?"

"Not really... Look, if you want to know all this stuff just go and ask him yourself. He doesn't have a girlfriend that I know of, you should just go for it." The other sumo girls all gasped

"What, really?"

"No way Minami, every other girl in the SCHOOL is after him! I mean, I hear he hangs out with Tomoko a lot, and how could we compete with her?" Minami laughed

"Tomoko? Well, I dunno, why don't you just go and ask him..." The other girls sighed

"We just said we can't do that Minami! We don't have your confidence, and heck, you're the champ of this squad! And all the other beauties are going to take their shots... We're just ordinary Amazons!"

Minami let out a sigh as the coach called order and started pairing up the girls for training. Should she stop hanging out with Kenta? Maybe... but he was nice. And heck, maybe he would be her boyfriend... She shook her head as she stretched out. No way. Not after she harassed him like that. Right?
Kinniku High: Chapter 6
More Kinniku High! You thought it was gone, but it's never fading away! This time we get some looks at the clubs of Kinniku high. Sports are clearly very important here, not only because of the girls physicality, but also because of the institutions reputation as a world-class Amazon educational facility. The teams are under huge pressure to perform well and slacking is not tolerated. The non-sports clubs are usually a lot more laid back for the more casual Amazons.


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